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6 Crazy Underground

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

There is no doubt the VFX elements and stunts in movies most movies these days are mind blowingly realistic. Director Michael Bay blew this one off the roof with riveting slow motion car spins and teeth chattering stunts through the windy streets in Florence. It was truly remarkable to watch the characters tear up your imagination and I was left transfixed to the gun fighting and violence throughout.


Ryan Reynolds humour is brilliant and he fits these high tension 'I need to save the world' roles splendidly with his nonchalant personality. Dave France and Mélanie Laurent also gave impeccible performances in my eyes with their sheer talent and bad ass personas. The motion graphics and camera angles of the high rise buildings in Abu Dhabi are also remarkable. The genre reminded me of the old 'Fast & Furious' films with the screen titles showing past & present storylines and the music moving the high intensity drama throughout. Paul Wernick script of short one liner jokes left me smirking towards the screen.


The story behind this 'heist' is quite frankly too overcomplicated to get emotional about in the film. Even though the car chases were impressive and you felt your heart racing, it was hard to follow the storyline with the constant jumping of the narrative. Turning to pick up your cup of tea would mean you have missed a flash on the screen, and probably a major moment of the film. It was too fast and choppy to emotionally understand and feel where the story was going.

Definitely one to watch with surround sound, the explosions are unlike like any film I have watched before. However, by the end you might be holding out for some peace and quiet from Ryan and the Gang.



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