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Adding Astra

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

I recently flew back from Sri Lanka and immersed myself in a few movies on the flight. Ad Astra was one of them. I have seen Brad in a few recent impressive films and was looking forward to another thrill. I must start by saying that outer space movies are not my favourite genres, but the graphics and realism of this film were truly beautiful.

Peaks 👍

The idea of the world ended is a worry for us all, and the interest for outer life is in every viewer's interest. I thoroughly enjoyed their view of the future. Seeing the moon as a 'joyride' experience, almost as theme park with visitors going and coming every day was shocking, but real in my mind, and depicted in a great way by the director. Our desire, need and hope to always 'want' more as humans came across strongly for me as a viewer and I felt the director's narrative was creatively interesting. The passion between son and father was also compelling and moving to watch between Brad and Tommy Lee Jones.

Pits 👎

Where I enjoyed the graphics and visual effects, feeling the gunfights and the drawing camera angles as they explore the ship's horrors, I was less enthusiastic about the ending of the film. I thought the notion that Tommy had been living out by Jupiter by himself for all those years ruined the realism for me as I found it rather hard to believe he would still be alive. Brad then releasing him into the atmosphere and returning home, alive, I struggled to confide in.

The round off of the film was emotional and gave true meaning to me that we always believe the grass is always green. A good watch for emotive feelings and radical thoughts!



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