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Updated: Apr 27, 2020

I haven't seen Sienna Miller in a feature film since American Sniper, so was delighted to see her standing tall at the front of this fearful tale. Understanding the tragedy of the story which involved her missing 18 year old daughter, I was intrigued to see how the actress would come across dealing with the trauma as a strong willed single mother in America.

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The opening scenes with sisters Deb and Katherine set a caring and loveable tone for the narrative. Living over the road from one and other, swigging beers and taking turns to babysit, you feel a real sense of devotion the family has to support each-other. Jake Scott directed some beautiful camera shots for the audience to depict Deb's pain. He leaves prolonged moments of silence in scenes, for example when Deb crashes her car in a suicidal rage, she walks miles down the road in silence with blood dripping from her face. He used these moments to make the audience emphasise with her pain. This is by far Sienna Millers best achievement on screen. Her addition to fight and find Bridget, and her retaliation against the destructive relationships she has with men, makes her come across as a heroic goddess for the viewer. Aaron Paul played Chris perfectly acting as the caring husband to lift Deb off her feet. He then leaves a trail of suspicion to the viewer which ultimately, once revealed, hits the audience like a train wreck.

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It's an excruciating tale, one that is every mothers worst nightmare. Even though we're never told what happened to her daughter Bridget, we are shown snippets as the murderer is arrested 11 years later. As a viewer, however, I feel I wanted more about her night of her disappearance. The scene between Deb and the murderer in prison on the phone would have been a good opportunity to give this release to the viewer and settled my questions along the way.

I shedded tears in this film, surprisingly not for the backbone of the tragedy, but because of my admiration towards Deb. Her character stands alongside roles like Marlo in 'Tully', fighting for something and showing that there are real struggles along the way. She is the modern day Erin Brockovich in this film and it's great to see her talents shine in such an open and defiant role.


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