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All the hail the King

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

First off, if you haven't watched Timothée Chalamet on screen before, you are in for a long treat. This film boasts an impeccable cinematic show for me throughout. I felt the heroic passion towards this epic tale of Young Henry V, given our current political troubles and the withdrawn attitudes in the United Kingdom today, this film tugged a huge patriotic string in my heart.

Peaks 👍

I hold my hands up to comment that the 15th century is not era I have read endless novels about. Nonetheless, the way this film is portrayed and directed by David Michôd, every viewer grabs the meaning and emotion towards the narrative. The plot isn't necessarily complicated, an English king fighting his way through fields of a battle, but the relationships, dedication & heartbreak made the movie an instant favourite to ones I have seen this year. Timothee's acting is imperial, his closeness & kindness with Joe Edgerton breaks away from the shock that these soldiers single hauntingly faced. The moments in the movie that made it for me were the characters own direction of changing fate. It's also very rare to witness a main younger protagonist taking leads in a period drama, and brought away for me, the power we have as a younger generator to change and reflect on this country.

Pits 👎

When I first saw Robert Patterson was in the film, I found it hard to break my attention away from his British persona to this French prince. However, my negatives was not with his role or his acting, which I thought he did stunningly. My one negative would have been to explore other characters such as his and Falstaff in more depth, as it was overshadowed with the story quite quickly.

The film, for me, was visually a take on power. It moved me quickly and fast into the age of the darkened years of war, but not in the brutal violent bloody way we usually see. Instead, in the fear & unknown nobleness of these young characters drive. Something we should remember as a society while we change so rapidly is the immense love these young men had for our land, and the willingness to keep it.


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