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Angel has Failed

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

I recently joined my family in front of the screen for some well-needed action-packed adventure after digesting our Christmas day lunch. Gerald Butler is an actor who has shone in performances in 300 & Law Abiding Citizen, however, after watching Angel has Fallen, I feel his punching facing days have been outlived.

Peaks 👍

Morgan Freeman as president is a sublime fit for the movie. His calm and nurturing persona was a real pleasure to watch and guided my interest in the narrative to saviour his life. The water boat scene where the security team gets murdered was highly impressive, with numerous camera angles exploring the explosion, it really involved the audience in the action. The stunts were all performed perfectly, and Gerald's & Nick Nolte's acting against the car flips were mesmerising. The action generally was choreographed and executed well.

Pits 👎

The script I felt was short lived, with cheesy one-liners and boring breath dying moments of speeches. I found it hard to connect with Gerald's character, mainly because I thought he was slightly too old for the role and couldn't bring the believable passion that was needed for the relationship he has with the President. The storyline between Danny Huston, the retired villain, and Gerald, I thought was dull and predictable. Having Danny shooting down hospitals as a security ops man for the president was off track and unnecessarily for the plot.

The film was all a bit too melodramatic for me. I usually enjoy films revolving about the White House and their detailed unique way of life, however, without the blowing up of lorries and gunfight chases, I would have found very little entertaining me and my full belly.




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