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Brave Bombshell

Let's get one thing straight - you don't have to be fighting for gender equality to appreciate this film. With a star studded cast including Charlize Theron, Margaret Robbie, and Nicole Kidman, it's just as powerful as other 2019 movies releases. I was intrigued to find out if the director Jay Roach would reveal the truth behind America's most famous news network 'Fox'. Would he shy away from or represent a compelling piece about the brave woman who came forward in 2016 to admit sexual harassment from their boss Roger Ailes?

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There is something incredibly suspicious about a newsroom that people are constantly looking for a gap in the door to take a look. I remember watching 'Bruce Almighty' as an anchorman and finding the backstage drama thrilling. With 90% of the film being in the news studio, the detailed sets are amazing. Each character is frantically running through small gaps of piles of paper rehearsing their morning presentation. The lead characters give such a punch and John Lithrow as 'Roger' is applaudable. He comes across superior and creepy towards his team by playing everyone at their own game. The directors shots of all the women are cleverly arranged, only representing one take in the lift where they are positioned together. By having each of the woman's storyline progressing in various ways, not having them connected, left the audience on edge for Roger's take down. The scene involving Margot crying outside a New York restaurant confessing the malicious assaults was truly moving. By having the names of other anchors and lawyers involved appear on the screen made the fact this story is a true tale compelling for the audience and reminded me of Adam McKay's 'The Big Short'.

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The director Jay used comedy in this film to defer away from the subject matter throughout the film. The 'thought' monologues, where the characters heads voices are expressed, was an interesting idea but it became too slapstick at times. This script is a rich mix of intended puns like 'Minorities are criminals' and 'You're sexy but you're too much work'. The over excessive humour reflected to the audiences watching that is wasn't a serious tale. If the director had tried less to achieve laughs and focused more on the drama, people watching might have felt more sorrow for the story.

Audiences will see this trailer and assume, given the three female leads, that 'Bombshell' won't have the drama and suspense needed to escape when watching a movie. It's told in a riveting way that leaves you clinging onto your popcorn. To explore the shield that men and women anchors put on in front of the camera, fuelled by the backstage carnage turning the wheel, was shocking. There was, however, too much humour to convey the facts relaying to all the women in hundreds of industries struggling to fight against older superior men. But it's not a boring film, instead one that leaves you wanting more.


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