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Can you keep a Secret?

We are in desperate need of some fiery rom coms in 2020. Remember when Matthew Mcconaughey once ruled over us millennial audiences? His witty charm and curled locks sprung up, even with three or four titles under his belt, we welcomed him back for more. Modern-day attempts have subsided to flakey and somewhat miserable gimmick tales of what love is like for despairing singletons out there. In the hope to regain some of my easy sailing watching, 'Can you Keep a Secret' is a recent flick brought onto Netflix, that seemed to offer a warm romance between two work colleagues in New York for me to unwind to.

Peaks 👍

There is no mistake, the casting director wanted to choose a tall dark and handsome fellow for this title. Tyler Hoechlin fits the brief like a lens to a camera, smiling with his Oral-B whites, showcasing his venerability, to lure in his female companionship. The script for the movie is comical in parts, and Emma's jokes in the film took me back to the days of Sandra Bullock in 'Two Weeks Notice' with her character's foolishness. The outstanding talent in the story came from actress Laverne Cox, as the team manager, who ties in her boldness and courage; something the film lacked throughout. The diversity of the actors across the board was notably reassuring, with a great gender and race mix, Director Elise Duran picked well for the roles.

Can you Keep a Secret (Netflix)

Pits 👎

The narrative for this movie reflects what a ten year old child might read before they wind down for bed. Keeping a secret is, as I've grown to believe in my adult life, a serious case; but the film's core revolves around a whisper of interests from one characters to the next. There is no drama bringing the characters together and, within the first twenty minutes, you realise no Ashton Kutcher or Ryan Gosling is saving your boredom here. The relationships on screen recoil you as an audience member, from the forward CEO to the wacky room mate, it's a confusing reflection of American office culture. The ending leaves you with no sense of closure or triumph in the tale, merely a square frame of two random flying passengers that had no passion on screen.

Rom coms are always considered simple and painless genres, ones where we switch off and admire the love on screen. Unfortunately, you could watch an episode of 'Ozark' in the ninety minutes and understand nothing had progressed in your absence. Perhaps with dating apps and social distancing, we will never experience the lust between lovers in '500 Days of Summer' and 'Blue Valentine' again; or maybe they were just too damn good to ever remake. I for one have hope, if a raunchy BBC Drama such as "Normal People' can attract us with excitement for a partner; then our favoured cheesy dramas can be regained.


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