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I ate, I prayed, and I loved

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

I am aware this isn't Hollywood's latest blockbuster, however, over the weekend I indulged in a heart warming viewing of Eat, Pray, Love and beamed by my bedside in joy.

Peaks 👍

Julie gives a great performance, recently divorced, finding her own feet out in a new world with mindfulness and food indulges. Her acting and passion reflects deeply on most middle aged women lost in modern day routines and unhappiness. I thought the non linear narrative of memories was emotionally perfect, flickering between recent exciting memories engaging alongside other characters whilst remembering her own painful story. Richard Jenkins friendship with Julia in India was that ideal break away from her constant desire of romance. His acting is sublime and will make any viewer blubber in their living room. The exploration of various cities makes the film engaging and vividly makes you want to up root your day to day diary to see the world.

Pits 👎

The story is rather long winded. I understand it's Julie's soul search but there were moments I feel could have been adapted and reduced. This might be the director wanting to portray the novel, but I did feel it dragged on towards the end and wasn't as enjoyable.

The film is a directed impressively and a favourite to watch for a friendly reminder that life is too short, and it's worth taking time to find your happiness.



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