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Extreme Extraction

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Chris Hemsworth always comes across as a loveable individual in his films. Seen for his badass characters like Thor in 'Avengers' or James Hunt in 'Rush', he has a talent of frightening audiences, whilst also being kind and sincere on screen. With most movie premieres put back until the end of the year, Netflix steps up to the plate by releasing its newest action film 'Extraction'. I knew I would either be fast forwarding through awful slow mo's or clinging to my sofa for the ride.

Peaks 👍

There is no doubt the production paid an insane amount of money for their stunt coordinators to create this film. The fighting scenes were terrific. Even though there were parts of CGI making it slightly unrealistic, for instance when Chris's character Tyler leaps off the cliff into the sea, most of the time the stunts drew me deep into the drama. As the story unfolds, and the black-market mercenary is sent to rescue the crime lords kid, Tyler transports Ovi across Mumbai. The director, Sam Hargrave, perfects some long intense camera sequences through the empty concrete buildings of the city. I was blown away by how the camera men managed to weave the tracks and handheld equipment through these locations so quickly. It was highly impressive and made it utterly realistic. I found the ending emotional as I couldn't help but think about the brutality and death of soldiers across the world.

Pits 👎

At times I felt as if I was playing a James Bond video game instead of watching a movie. I also found the children killers quite distracting and disturbing for the story. Thankfully Chris can hold a film alone, as most of the other actors in the film were less moving to watch. Without the drone shots used to fly over the action, alongside the edited CGI to make it stand out from the crowd, the underlying thrill and story of the film is boring.

If you're not a fan of action movies, don't delve into this one. Surprisingly, I am, and this is one of the most realistic action films thats been made by Netflix so far. Highly gory at times and overly loud, it's not a film to be applauded for its script or narrative. However, there is some awesome choreographed camera shots that are mesmerising to watch in such an overpopulated Indian city.


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