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Half way Hustler

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

I recently went to see J'Lo drop it down low in Hustler and, even though I'm impressed immensely by her strong physique for the role of the movie, it left me feeling rather uncomfortable and critical about the way we view 'sisterhood' between our society.

Peaks 👍

The true story aspect of this narrative is almost unbelievably comical that a group of women managed to achieve stealing from these high powered men. There is no doubt it, Lorene Scafaria made a truly unique and powerful movie, showing women in light of admiration and wealth, that is most likely seen in blockbusters with male characters. The music is outstanding throughout and the choreography makes the audience shellshocked with talent from these actresses. I adored the main character 'Destiny' with her rebellious tendencies and emotional upbringing.

Pits 👎

There were many moments in this film where I felt uncomfortable to watch the 'humorous' adaptation of the plot. There seemed a need and pressure to 'mock' and stereotype these men, which I felt was overplayed. Like many feminists in our day and age, there is a fight for equal rights. However, I am unsure if we were telling a story of men drugging women alone in a club then maxing their cards, how laughable the audience would feel. The 'sister' relationship between the two main characters was compelling, but again something I couldn't find emotional, as their only drive seemed the outcome of their money.

If you need a film to watch alongside friends, to feel part of a close team/family with your own outlandish rules, then it's a winner on all parts. The escapism is there, and you will leave with a fist pump and booty shake in your stride.




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