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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

After recently skimming hours of the Bafta's & Oscars, I caught Taika Waititi's collecting awards for his German Nazi tale, and have been itching to see the movie since. I couldn't get my head around how a directer had created a comedy from such a devastating saga such as World War 2. But I soon discovered, after Sam Rockwell's opening lines, that it was possible.

Peaks 👍

I feel I could rave and rant about so many wonderful moments of this movie. Firstly, the casting of the children was the heart of most my happiness throughout the film. Roman Griffin Davis and Archie Yates are so wonderful to watch. Their kind relationship and unbeknown stupidity is the ideal comparison to such an underlying sad story. Roman's relationship with Scarlott Johansson was incredibly moving because of her characters playfulness to keep things as light hearted as possible whilst their world tumbles down. From 'Three Billboards' to 'Vice', Sam Rockwell is one of the most talented actors we have on our screens today. He has such talent to play the passive villain, whilst covertly always being the hero figure for all characters in the film. The costumes in the movie added so much flavour to the outlandish theme the producer's were depicting about the Nazi's inhumane way of life. Having the director play a role in the film can sometimes be tough as a layer of selfishness can be seen on screen. On the other hand, I found Taika hilariously warming as Jojo's imaginary friend 'Hitler', and without it, I don't feel the narrative would have been so touching towards the end.

Pits 👎

There were moments in the film were I choked on my popcorn giggling from outrageous puns and jokes. However, even though the stupidity was a driving factor, I felt the script lacked in parts. I found some lines from Rebel Wilson and Stephen Merchant weakened the narrative against the innocent humour from the rest of the movie we had seen. I rarely say this for a movie these days, but for once, I felt the movie was cut short. I could have easily watched more of Rosie's & Jojo's mother & Son relationship and was blubbering by her sudden death towards the finish. Diversity is also something to mention in the casting for this film as there were no black actors, I feel this is something that should have been considered by the production.

I felt so emotional towards this movie, in such a different way from 'Boy in the striped pajamas' and 'Schindler's List'. Every detail from tying shoe laces, dancing in the streets, and exploring crushes was a unique depiction given through a child's eyes about this horrific tragedy in Germany at the time. The idea that we grow up believing in what we are told, public figures we should stand by, and clans we should follow is so unbelievably relatable to our time. Hat's off to Jojo Rabbit, it was a joyous and heartbreaking tale to watch.


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