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Knocker Knives

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

After the disappointing news that Bond would be delayed to October, I was keen to get my fix of Daniel Craig's seductive smile on screen. Thankfully 'Knives Out' has just been released on Sky, even though Benoit Blanc wouldn't be walking naked out of the sea, I was excited for the phenomenal cast in the American family thriller. The crime detective drama enticed me into the wonderful cinematic world of director Rian Johnson.

Peaks 👍

I'm a huge advocate for detective movies, especially genres that take audiences in twists and turns, and this Cluedo murder mystery narrative ticked all the boxes. Movie trailers are so detailed these days it's almost impossible for a director to tell a story without an audience member yelling at the screen, 'yep, already saw that coming'. Even though you saw the direction it was taking, the audience were left surprisingly fooled at the ending. Rian cleverly unfolded the story piece by piece like a jigsaw, as you were shown the past, present and future, almost as if involved in a police interrogation. I hesitated when Daniel Craig blurted out his first line in his Southern accent at the beginning, trying to forget his usual British ways. But his incredible light hearted acting for the role showcased his talents, and set him higher up in the ranks in a funnier versatile role. However, Ana de Armas was the acting showstopper of the movie. Casting her as the innocent, but daring, carer Marta gave the story its backbone and she played the role incredibly - it will be interesting to see if she shines again alongside Craig in October with 'No Time To Die'. The gothic revival mansion was a great location for exploring this plot, with the narrow creepy stair cases, secret library rooms, and lush grassy grounds. The script was surprisingly funny, for a detective film, and the audience giggled at the characters money driven one liners.

Pits 👎

There were a fleet of characters to explore in this film, with such a large family tree, many people had to tell their alibis in regards to their grandfathers death. In some moments it was too overpowering and unnecessarily for the narrative. Whereas the story didn't drag, or the film wasn't too long, there was less interest for characters like Toni Collette as Joni, and Michael Shannon as Walt. I feel the production tried too hard, at times, to tell the story from every perspective, which made it rather overwhelming.

Knives Out is the ultimate feel good lockdown movie for the whole family. It's a wonderfully entertaining film and leaves the audience noting down clues, as if solving the murder themselves. The directing and producing was marvelous which made it an all round charming & characteristic film. I will be patiently waiting for more of Rian Johnson's artistic wonders to be released onto our screens.


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