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Lovely Little Women

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Greta Gerwig has been a name I can't stop reciting after seeing this nurturing movie. I went in completely blind to this film, knowing that the narrative was a memorable one from whispers and comments on the tube and from friends. Understanding it revolved around 4 sisters around the civil war era, and that I needed a fair few tissues in my bag to accompany me, I was both mesmerised and joyed by Jo March's tale.

Peaks 👍

I think I have made my crush for Timothée Chalamet pretty clear in recent posts, and he again suited this playful boyish character of Laurie superbly. However, he was overshadowed by Saoirse Ronan's was utterly captivating acting as Jo and I couldn't have thought of a better fit for the role. I felt her passion came across on the screen, from a comforting motherly figure to her sisters and hilariously independent comic, she fought her way to change male dominance and poverty for such a concerning time for America. The detailed costumes and stunning Boston locations made the movie so vivid in my eyes and I also enjoyed the cut of narratives highlighted by small details such as Jo's haircuts or the warm colour grading of the edits. The casting of the mother Lauren Dern and Aunt March was also a favourite of mine, as she slowed the story down and gave it that pace that you needed to understand how the story was being unveiled in front of your eyes.

Pits 👎

I have to admit, I have struggled to find many pits in this movie. If I was to dig deep and depict the story piece by piece I would say the last 15 minutes of the movie felt dragged out. I feel Greta may have wanted to round the movie off in a loving and overjoyed way after the loss of Beth for the audience, but I don't feel it was needed. I would have been perfectly content with the ending at the station where Jo meets Friedrich, followed by the wonderful book making scene of the beautiful novel.

I can hold my hand ups and say that this was my first adaptation of Little Women witnessed, although I will go off to discover many more, I already feel Greta's will stick in my memory as one of my favourite to date. It is so rare at this day and age to watch a feature film, with so little violence, so little rage, so little swearing or hatred and be moved by pure emotion through the script. Little Women, you were a treat.


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