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Luminous Lighthouse

And he is back with a bang. Robert Patterson sets sail for some disturbing scenes in the release of 'The Lighthouse' with Willem Dafoe. The tale follows two lonely rugged men on an island rock, battling winds and rain for a month, working on a lighthouse in the 1890's. A unique thriller shot on a vintage 1930s lens, the black-and-white film depicts hysteria unlike any adaption before. With some incredibly distressing scenes, it's certainly a movie that will leave you talking.

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People will no doubt be turning heads at the strangeness of this film but the cinematic efforts from director Robert Eggers shine through for the thriller. The camera explores this small island in visual spectacles through the dangerous waves and hidden trap doors to give the sense of abandonment to the viewer. The beckoning foghorn reminded me of the movie 'Arrival' and edged the narrative as the two men struggle to adapt to their own realisation. Patterson commented in a recent interview that he took the role as he liked the amount of weirdness behind the character in the script. We experience this early on as there are moments when Thomas masturbates and dreams of intercourse with a mermaid's genitals in the film. However distressing, both actors shines in this bizarre mythological tale. There are some shakespeare speeches delivered from the characters in moments of rage and anger that remind you of the actors talents. The most entertaining scenes were explored in the lonely evenings as the characters drank the liquor while they danced, sang, and questioned the world around them.

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If you're an audience member who doesn't enjoy thinking behind the myths and ideologies of portrayed from movies, steer clear of this abnormally creepy film. It plays with your emotions in many ways, but without a solid storyline or back bone about the place, characters, time or world, it's a confusing mess for many viewers. You're unaware throughout what is being hallucinated and what is true life between them both in an uninterested manner. Most of the visions are obscure and formidable with murdered seagulls, dead bodies and human tentacles. The ending rounded off the lunacy as Thomas' body gets eaten by seagulls after witnessing the god like bulb at the top of the tower.

This film leaves you to take your own interpretation with every word and action. You are unaware what animals is what, what humans are real, and what life they are both meant to be living. The director's camera techniques made it a much more engaging spectacle. The deranged and freaky snap shots of these lonely creatures minds were the less entertaining parts which, I admit, brought less excitement about loose tale depicted from the men on screen.


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