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Marriage Sorrow-Story

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Noah Baumbach's film 'Marriage Story' isn't a smooth amusing watch with your girlfriends. I settled in knowing I was in for a hard hitter, with the Oscar Academy awards giving a prize to Laura Dern for supporting actress, I was already expecting the acting to be truly breathtaking to watch.

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I understood the premise of this twisted love tale from snippit clips at the awards, so I knew from the get-go, there weren't to be any Romeo and Juliet balcony moments. However, I underestimated the dramatic narrative which Noah unveils for the movie exploring her own heartbreak from divorcing Jennifer Jason Leigh in the story. I myself understand nothing about Divorce, being single and growing up with parents who have been married for over 25 years. But the movie gives such a truthful tale of the harrowing aspects. There is no sugar coating the realities, from corrupt lawyers, screaming fueds, and confused children, it was a stunning rendition of a film. Adam Driver plays Charlie, the passionate New York theatre director, with such innocence that you toy between emotions of anger and love from his naive decisions. The script was so stunning and their fighting speeches had so much passion reminding me of scenes from the classic 'Notebook' between Allie and Noah. The relationship between all three characters is fantastic to watch and there seemed a real sense of humbleness to telling a story of distress.

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I am someone who excels in high energy drama's, but the storyline wasn't as riveting for me. Perhaps because you knew the way the characters would end up with the depiction of their present-day lives, or perhaps because it was a tale about emotions rather than narrative. I found the director explored Nicole's connection with the divorce through her family and friends well, but there was almost no depth into Adam Driver's character which I missed. I also found some scenes prolonged to much, and after nearly 2 and a half hours, I found myself switching my attention out the window.

I give Noah Baumbach credit on creating a movie about romance exploring the bitter truths of a breakup, and the surrounding factors, through the inner voices of those experiencing it. It is unlike any other romantic movie I have witnessed on the scene before, however, it's one that will leave you with a heavy heart of sorrow reminding you of the complicated values and sickening cuts from a break-up. One thing has been learned, Divorce is horrific.


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