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Miss Juneteenth

A strong mother and daughter relationship has proved to be a relatable connection with audiences across the world in movies. The bond between these two cherished roles has won Oscar award's with emotive talent on screen from actresses like Frances McDormand in 'Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri'. Being showcased into a world of activists and movements, this all black cast; performing the narrative of a former beauty queen and single mom attempting to control her rebellious teenage daughter for a pageant; was sure to be a welcoming message to express the realities of African-American poverty in Texas.

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From the first eyelash curl, both actresses excel in beauty and resilience towards the lens in this warm drama. Nicole Beharie (Turquoise) plays the make-up free workaholic mother, barbecuing at bars and painting faces in the mortuary, with such passion your heart breaks for her struggles alongside the story. Being such a predominantly 'white' show for years across many countries, the all black pageant gave it an outstanding message for younger viewers aspiring for success.

One credibility to the director was the inner fighting and drive you see from all angles during the plot. The camera glances softly over the daughters life, expressing her embarrassment within her community; having to wear jeans and a t-shirt for the show's dress rehearsal; expressing minimalistic messages of her poverty without having include a teary bedroom scene.

Alexis Chikaeze (Kae) performance as the campaigning poetic dancer, who wants to wear her natural afro locks on stage, is sublime. Her character conveys a salute to other young black girls about being their true selves within society. Another applauding technique in Channing's directing was that she choose not to expose drugs or crime in the young girl's life, an assumption most directors feel they have to express when viewing a young teenage girl's upbringing.

Miss Juneteenth (2020)

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The focus on the pageant is what makes the story engaging, however, I feel an emphasise on the other females participating should have been depicted to better understand the comparison of their lives. As an audience member, your under the impression other contestants are wealthier than Kae, but without a view of their own situations, it's difficult to imagine her struggle to compete against them.

A film showdown between 'Little Fires Everywhere' and "Little Miss Sunshine', this modern-day drama reveals the truth of supporting a teenage girl dreams on the minimum wages of the world. It conveys the opportunities and paths people strive for through wonderful acting and soft cinematography, which leaves you remembering the importance of a parent and daughter relationship in challenging times.


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