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Moving Mumbai

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

I am a keen advocate of a sad film that brings out my ugly crying, especially one that follows real-life stories. Hotel Mumbai was a truly memorable watch for me in so many ways. Released in 2019, it opened my eyes to the attacks on India in 2008, through the vivid brutality and heart-stopping acting from Dev and the cast.

Peaks 👍

Filming in Mumbai isn't exactly an easy task, knowing the hard work that goes on behind the camera lens to film in such a manic moving city, was shocking to me. The director Anthony Maras really executed the shots of the Tuk Tuk's impressively, alongside the train station scene, really creating the suspense for the audience in the first few minutes. The beautiful hotel itself was shot superbly by the camera crew, giving you a sense of the spirit of the location. With the various violent chases, gun scenes and immense silences, I was left screaming for these 'actors' lives. One of my favourite things Anthony portrayed was the connection the audience had with the characters. There were many storylines to follow, whether it was just the cleaner with a 20-second cameo or Armie Hammer's character of devoted David, you got to grips with the realism quickly wanting each and everyone to make it out alive. The number of gunshots in this film was outstanding, and rather harrowing knowing that this event actually took place.

Pits 👎

I did find the script lacked at times, especially with conversations between the terrorists themselves when planning the attached. There back and forth with each other, mimicking and joking, I thought wasn't so necessary to the plot. I also felt it changed the pace and suspense at this time.

I was completely shocked by my reaction to this film. Because of the impressive editing and melodramatic music, the movie was one of my favourite to be shot in India. Dev is also a wonderful actor on our screens, the sheer emotion he brings to his character sits deep in your heart, and it's nearly impossible not to let one tear blubber away for his character's Arjun's safety.




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