• Emily

Nanette Burstein talks about her new "Hillary' Documentary

A 4 hour film about the former first lady will put most brits off their dinner. But the new movie about Hillary Clinton features never-before-seen footage from her 2016 presidential campaign, and director Nanette Burstein spoke to Rhianna Dhillon on a recent WFTV talk about what makes this documentary unique.

Released earlier this year, the New York director has several documentaries under her belt including the Academy Award nominated and Sundance Special Jury Prize winning film 'On the Ropes.' But this was sure to be a challenging story to convey. With a country that's already obsessed with her every heel click, Burstein took this case study to look into a much deeper meaning of understanding what it meant to become the first female head of state.

She spoke on the chat with WFTV saying, "It was about shaping peoples opinions of this women," as she later says, "It’s much hard to get a clear vision of a political character." We've recently seen the release of 'Becoming' on Netflix about Michelle Obama's life, hopes and connection with others which has received many praises from critics. But surely trying to get audiences to see a sincere and warm side to Hillary was slightly tougher?

Burstein explains her reasoning to document this controversial character, "I think the beauty of documentaries about any subject is that you have the opportunity to give the full picture. I think people appreciate them because we get to have a perspective on things that the news isn’t providing to us. "

Getting to see an intimate portrait of the former first lady is a special aspect of the film, but with the American society so hung up on her, surely people watching already have their doubts? She draws on this by saying, "I think partly, there was already a suspicion of her being sketchy. It always lingers."

For us brits, perhaps less consumed in the democrats of politics and social conspiracy, it seems to dive into explaining an outstanding story with an army of amazing film making.

Check it out here