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Rallying the Rocks

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Has anyone ever muttered these words to you, "I dislike Bill Murray in films." No - didn't think so. The actor's sprouting turtle neck and dangling body frame makes him an approachable figure within the industry. Squinting his warm eyes through the lens, he's flourished in classic movies in the last 30 years such as "Ghostbusters" and "Groundhog Day". Now tipping his wonderful collection of hats into older age, Director Sofia Coppola has snatched Murray for a hearty tale, buried inside New York City, between a father and daughter. With a top-notch cast, and minimalistic PR campaign, the chirpy relationship was sure to flourish our imagination.

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When Rashida Jones comically puffed her beautiful lips in "Park's and Recreation" directors poached the loveable actress for years to come. She portrays a frankfully honest character in the movie, slaying baggy grey t-shirts and shabby tied hair, that you admire her motherly endeavours towards focusing on her children. Her characters innocence is contrasted throughout against her fathers gallivanting. Taking his middle aged daughter for lunchtime boozers and police car chases, Felix's attempt to come across 'cool' gives the movie it's sweet tone. Attempting to bridge what she never experienced during her childhood, the narrative flourishes with hope between repairing their blood relationship across the scenes.

There's just the right amount of suspension conveyed towards Rashida's partner Dean cheating on her within the film. The casting of Marlon Wayans was again cleverly approached by the director. His young, athletic mannerisms and attention to work transforms into a leakage of questioning against his link with a colleague. It drove the somewhat plain daily story into a fiery Cluedo with leading funny man Bill to scooping up the drama.

On the Rocks (2020)

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The script had some alluding sentences about men and women's 'roles' within marriage that stood out for the viewer. Meant for comical efforts, most of the references from Bill depict the male's duties to 'impregnate' females. There was rarely any scenes with Bill himself opening up to him own emotions, only Laura's worries and nightmares. As mental health awareness has become a gateway for men nowadays, perhaps in more in younger generations, a scene where Felix expresses his own pain would have reflected our modern view of such a troubling topic. Instead, Sofia portrayed a dated outlook or burying emotions we see so much in older fathers in past films.

We rarely get to relate to dad and daughter connections in movies, 'I am Sam' (2001) being the only notable picture showcasing love and compassion. Perhaps this is due to societies backwards view of males not being shown as 'parent' figures unless widowed for the story. It's a beautiful tale that any young girl, teenager or adult can cling onto to remember their reckless ways through life taught by their father. Seen as a role model for how you viewed the threatening world, the film reminds us; despite previous suffering and perhaps intrusive behaviour; dad's alway's have a chip on their shoulder for caring for their offspring.

On the Rocks (2020)



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