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Once upon a wonder!

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

I went into this movie stuffing salty popcorn, chocolate bags, skittles and enough water to last me the 3 hour movie journey. I also tried to be as open minded as I could be. I am a huge Tarantino follower, like many, but even I still seem to surprise myself with how much I relish in his movies. This one, as always, didn't fail to do the same.

Peaks 👍

Set in the 1950's, a new genre for the legendary director, the music and cinematography was breathtaking. From the vintage cars, cow boy boots, retro diners and drive in theatres, the atmosphere screamed Hollywood. I thoroughly adored the two split narrative, focusing on the relationship break up between Rick and Cliff. 6 months later, when the pace suddenly quickened from the trip back from Italy, I could feel Quentin's heart pace heightening. The epic violence at the end of the film was unmissable and flipped back to references used throughout the movie, including the loveable brutal pit-ball and fiery flame thrower. The casting was strong in every instance. The young Julia Butters tugged at my heart strings with her passion for acting and soft compliments to Leo's burned out but devoted skills. My emotion was heavy throughout the movie. The harrowing true story of Shanon's tale slowly crept up on me, but not so much to overshadow the clever directing of this accomplished director. Watching Margot Robbie giggle and witness raw footage of Shanon Tate at the 1950's screening was such a touching rendition to the movie and one that didn't go un missed.

Pits 👎

The faint and short ending was an ideal round off, however, I would have liked to explore Brad's character departing 'Hollywood' in a slightly more dramatic way, rather than in an ambulance rolling down a hill. The editing also seemed rather quick at times, jumping between scenes, which I know is common in order to complete these elongated movies.

To any film lover, this movie makes me believe we are capable to produce screenings like the 1950's with passion and excitement for our viewers. The angles and scenes 'behind the camera' of cuts and line checks in the western world was comical and witty. To me, it's an impeccable example that the new Netflix hourly dramas really have no competition with fantasy gifted Hollywood features such as these.




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