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Powerful Parasite

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

I have infinite words to belt out about this film. When the award ceremonies were giving medals to this South Korean hero, I was almost smugly hoping to find flaws against the beckoning crowds. I failed, miserably.

Peaks 👍

Everyone agrees that tuning into a foreign movie with subtitles requires more effort for your attention span than a laid back chic flick. However, similar to the 'The Intouchables', I instantly connected with the emotional acting even though I couldn't speak the language. Cho Yeo-jeong performance as the naive mom was outstanding. The narrative was so unpredictable I was left on the edge of my seat throughout, gasping at the murders and thrills of the tale. The cinematography was memoizing and Bong shot the architect of South Korea stunningly. I thoroughly enjoyed the playfulness of the misbehaving family, and was moved by their efforts to gain wealth in society. The script was hilarious at times and the jokes brought together so many cultures that left every audience member able to connect with the character's dreams. The music gave the film the icing on the cake, heightening your adrenaline with the minimalist piano pieces and punctuated light percussion. The love and connection between the son and dad in the story was so powerful, and it was rare to watch a film that didn't need explosions or a devastating love affair, but just a minimum set and a well executed storyline.

Pits 👎

It's hard to find negatives from an Oscar winning film. One moment I felt I lost interest or wasn't as pleased, was the vision the son had in the future buying the house one day to finally release his hiding dad. I didn't feel that needed to be explored and, if it wasn't, it would have left much more for the audience to imagine their own perception of the story.

There is so much I don't know about South Korea, and I feel Bong Joon-ho made such an incredible effort to open our eyes to a glimpse of it through this movie. Not only that, but through his amazing directing skills, he explored some incredible themes and values like the sickening hierarchy of class, which left me choked, thinking of the contrast between rich and poor human households around the world. The film made me laugh and cry all within minutes, Bong Joon-ho directing was incredibly unique, and I'm thrilled to have witnessed such a beautifully captivating movie.


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