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Rebellious Revenge

If you're a fan of gory thrillers which focus on characters ripping knives out of sinking bellies in pools of blood, then look no further than 'Revenge'. It's predominately spoken in french, so again a film for the focused fellows in lockdown. The plot revolves around the character Jen who, after getting raped and nearly murdered by her boyfriend and his two colleagues, takes a gruelling revenge in the hot desert to destroy all of them. If you can take the time to bring your attention to Coralie Fargeat's 2017 release, I guarantee you won't regret it.

Peaks 👍

My first question is, where has Coralie been hiding? This film is a masterpiece in so many ways. The elaborate music was a joy to experience alongside the epic suspense of the story. The electro sounds made the chases more thrilling and reminded me of Wesley Snipes moves in 1998's Blade. The narrative worked impressively, unveiling Jen's innocence at the start until the disaster, and then following her triumphs as she wins back her power with each murder. I haven't seen the actors work previously but, with such a small cast, they carried the film all the way through. Matilda Lutz is the ideal fit for the petite fighting figure, and I hope to see her in more roles such as this. There are heaps of cinematography references that are so cleverly inserted for the audience to reflect on the doomed fate of the male characters, such as the rotting apple, dead spider, and mouth chopped food. The camera shots were a visual surprise, as the landscapes of the desert and dirt roads where mind blowing to experience in-between survival scenes.

Pits 👎

The film has received some criticism for the unrealistic killings, gun shots and injuries received by the characters. This wasn't a pit for me, as I think it heightened the intensity of the film. However, the scene when Jen took the drugs in the cave and laid the flattened burning can across her wound was all a bit far fetched for me. This particular scene brought down the realism for me and made it more of a super natural genre of a film, which I don't think was needed.

A mix between 'Django Unchained' and Cabin Fever, this film explores lead women killers unlike any other movie before. There is some dark humour in the script highlighting references of gender equality such as, "women always have to put up a fucking fight". The fact we see Jen's journey from wrecked young party girl to mass murderer is showcasing a new wave of power for women characters on screen. She is not portrayed as scared and fearful, but strong and vicious.



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