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Shape of Beauty

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

I had mindlessly been postponing viewing The Shape of Water, due to the outlandish love affair involving a reptile I had seen from the trailers and posters across London. However, as I tell myself most mornings waking from a regrettable hangover, it's not always best to take your own advice.

Peaks 👍

The era of the movie was something that first threw me off. I was aware of the characters working routine, but given the military focus and recent TV Drama's like Handmaids Tale which is set in a post modern world, I thought the film was set in the future. I soon realised it wasn't and was quickly drawn into Richard Jenkins adorable devotion to Eliza's life. The music was intensely impeccable, moving with her lust and desire to salvage her one connection to feeling ordinary alongside her judgemental society. I rarely rave about endings of a movie, but I found this one a pleasant stillness of passion and pride.

Pits 👎

I found Michael Shannon character less delightful. I understand the threatening nature he needs to depict on the world, but I found it almost to abrupt and unnecessary at times. I also didn't enjoy that they never truly explained how Michael's character came across the amphibian, as I feel I would have better accepted his anguish or grief if this was told.

Guillermo del Toro's film gains stars in my eyes, with Sally's emotive acting throughout, I was clinging to my screen with hope. It reminded me of the likes of 'Big Fish' and 'Edward Scissorhands', with a new story of desire in a contemporary world of views that the opportunity of love is endless.



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