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She Dies Tomorrow

Women can be hilarious in movies. I'm not talking about Amy Scheduler showcasing her Mexican drinking worm tattoo in 'Pitch Perfect' but the real outlandish storylines from sarcastic female characters that leave you revived with laughter from a film. 'She Dies Tomorrow' (2020) is a new apocalyptic thriller, directed by Amy Seimetz, that looks directly at death when a group of friends realise, individually, they have one more day to live. Viewing the colourful trailer of freakish scenes left me with a head full of questions, I wanted to confront this hushed topic between humans about our doomed end. Would this unique horror tackle the world's worse fear?

Peaks 👍

Opening with fifteen minutes of bizarre dances in the garden, Amy's character (Kate Lyn Sheil) sets the directors weirdness immediately with an overflow of mystery for the viewer. With repeated close up's of mascara liquid tears, her characters openness involved you within the drama. The satire humour vividly reminded me of BBC's 'Fleabag' as the director used loud cellos to cut off from the character's abnormality, making the viewer giggle at its abruptness.

The shots and cinomatography was visually glorious in the film, using close ups to constantly portray the protagonists emotions as she battled to come to terms with the idea of dying. Jane Adams was the ideal cast for her character's sweetness on camera. She held the part with such joy throughout, wondering around with blood stains in her pyjamas, reminding me of the witty characteristics of Olivia Coleman in the 'The Favourite'.

Repetition always excels in thrillers, keeping the audience understanding the ticking of time, and again 'She Dies Tomorrow' excelled in this. The movie used the same scripted words 'Something is terribly wrong' in the storyline alongside over played classical melodies that left you nervy for their fate. The backwards narrative of Amy's intimate relationship with Craig was the root of the story keeping you engaged until the end.

Pits 👎

When experiencing a wonderfully bizarre genre, the viewer is looking for answers from every angle to piece together the million dollar feature. Unfortunately, the ending of 'She Dies Tomorrow' gave no release or power punch for such a twisting tale. Jane's character could have been explored in her final hours more as such a loveable character on screen, in addition to seeking whether Amy ever got made into her crazy dream of a leather jacket. There was some awesome humour, but the director missed out more belly laughs not exploring it further.

The use of excessive blood as the characters deaths were revealed made it more slapstick and unreal for the audience. Without this the film could have carried on with the suspense gained from the amusing dinner party.

The message for this film is harrowing with it being released in such an eerier year as the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes; it's an incredibly weird movie as one character fears death, what death we don't know, round every corner. But every characters intimate fear and worry to reach out to one another about this unknown problem was a true spectacular depiction of society's reaction about exiting the world. It might look crazy to witness a character floating in a stranger's pool on a blow up flamingo, but then again, weren't we all grabbing excessive amounts of toilet roll from the grocery shelves a few months back? Sometimes - you just have to laugh.


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