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Take Me Somewhere Nice

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Venturing out across the unknown world is starting to become a vivid dream for many of us as we long for global travel once more. 'Take Me Somewhere Nice' is a dutch movie directed by Ena Sendijarević which was shortlisted, but sadly not selected, for an Academy Award for Best International Feature Film at the 92nd Academy Awards. I was elated for this drama and could tell from the square camera frames and simplistic themes this indie road movie was going to take me off the beaten track.

Peaks 👍

The colours and cinematography in this film are mesmerising that even an OCD sufferer will be overjoyed with the blend of shades in the sets and costumes. The drama begins in Netherlands as a young girl 'Alma' departs from her mother to fly to Bosnia in search of saying goodbye to her sick Father. Her characters frankness is captivating, as she drags a suitcase across the wide open plains alone and fearless of the dangers. The acting from her cousins character and love interest Denis are phenomenal, and the three work well together on screen making you giggle at their boldness. It was a joy to watch them scream with delight whilst driving doughnuts on narcotics as it contrasted against the quiet tone of the rest of the film. The locations explored for the story fitted in sync with the directors devotion to colour, with the bright pink motels and brutalistic architecture.

Pits 👎

Whereas the connection between characters is unyielding in this dark comedy, the narrative lacked insightfulness. The ending fell short as the audience are left baffled with Alma washing herself in the sea, after sexual intercourse with Denis, moments after he is beaten up on a deserted beach. The strangeness of the scenes and discourse of the narrative was too discerning and made it hard to follow the meaning of the story throughout.

Bosnia shines throughout in this schematic and pleasurable film. With a minimum script explored throughout, it was a mix between 'Little Miss Sunshine' and 'Revenge'. It's an engaging drama for your eyes to explore through the camera, seeming timely with our urges to go somewhere different in lockdown, but the story lacks drive and resilience to keep you invested in her final steps of the journey.


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