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The Dangerous Drop

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Netflix recently placed 2014 'The Drop' onto its library, a heightened gang crime thriller set in Brooklyn, America. The poster created exactly what I wanted from the movie, a gripping wild violent tale, leaving me stunned by the twisted narrative of the two cousins' fate.

Peaks 👍

Seeing Tom Hardy feature in the trailer I knew, given his previous roles of the Kray Twins and Alfie Solomon, to expect some punching of faces or splitting of the skin. However, Michaël R. Roskam depicts the innocence of the character very well, and 'Bob' soon became one of my favorite characters of Hardy to date. He fits the role entirely, with his distant loneliness, but ultimate love for his cousin and the bar. The puppy was a clever touch for the whole film giving a simple contrast of life and death between the baddie Eric Duff and Bob. This was, unfortunately, James Gandolfini last acting role which brought a mournful tear to my eye as his acting is utterly wonderful. His character is sneaky and loveable all at the same time. It was a strong performance, as it might pain me to say, to end his talented years as the admired Mr Soprano for many viewers on our screens.

Pits 👎

The film doesn't fall under a rom-com, but the relationship between Noomi Rapace and Tom Hardy blossoms quickly in the narrative. I felt it was short-lived however and would have liked the characters to have spent more time together leading up to the super bowl night, even though they ended the movie returning to one and other, I didn't feel there was enough passion or interest on the screen to understand their links.

I appreciate any movie which can flip all my thoughts or emotions for one character on its side by the end. I have a lot of admiration for the director Michaël achieving this with Bob, however, I ended the film with a mixture of troubled thoughts. The movie depicts how these American gangs defend entirely on their families, their workspaces, and their homes. This then led me to an underlying question about the role these 'gangsters' play, performing their sweet & innocent to the eye when the world they will always be living in will always be too much to hide away from.




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