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The Devil All the Time

Seeing Tom Holland not wearing a red lycra suit is bizarre. The star studded trailer for 'The Devil All the Time' comes across dark and murderous, instantly reminding audiences of Tarantino's wizardry in previous movies. This film gathered it's testosterone by recruiting every creepy suspect with Robert Patterson and Jason Clarke appearing to unnerve audiences in a rural Ohio town. Antonio Campos is a director newly situated at the directors table - does he have what it takes to freak out the hungry Netflix fans?

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Moving from past to present frequently in a murder mystery can sometimes get confusing. However, with a heavy load of character's to follow, Campos outlays this intwined story cleverly. Each actor is given an in depth view, showcasing the Reverent's and Sheriff's lifestyles with the help of the narrator, it makes it a less complicated tale to unpick. Obviously a well thought out script, the film makes you focus deeply in on the harrowing drama.

There is no shying away from the mass murders and brutality conveyed in this eerie town as the various angles of cinematography make it incredibly realistic. Similar to watching men's hair lines being skinned in 'Inglorious Bastards', audiences are left shocked but enticed by the violence. Robert Patterson is on a winning streak, again, excelling in this delusional character that fits his persona brilliantly. The female casting of Eliza Scanlen and Mia Wasikowska as the younger and older sister was executed perfectly, as they gave a warm nurturing feel for their characters needed between such a sickening plot.

It's impossible to do an American western without securing beautiful locations for shoot outs and car chases. Stretched out across Alabama, the long dirt roads and thin pine woods were idyllic in believing in the suspense.

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This movie depicts christianity and religion in a depressive wave. The idea of hope is lost early on when cancer strikes, and murdering animals is the norm. It felt too grey at times, if Arvin hadn't got to finally kill Carl and Sandy towards the end, the underlying message of suffering might have come on too strong. The female characters were also taken too early on the script, leaving behind a trail of males to pick up the pieces. If Lenora was kept on towards the end the film there would have been some powerful family relationships to portray. The fact there are no black actors in the film is a true disappointment for a 20th century release which is noted each on with such a white middle class cast.

It's an incredibly twisting piece to come out of Netflix, one that has more flavour than recent additions like 'Extraction' and 'Triple Frontier'. It will disturb you in ways, and leave a worrying trail about people's briefs throughout the 50 states of America. Director Antonio leaves behind a concerning message regarding race with his casting, one that should have been considered early on in development. Despite this - some of the best acting for a murder mystery I've seen in years.


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