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Un-Crazed Gems

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Warning. If you suffer from an irregular heartbeat, I would take a moment to seriously inhale before watching Adam Sandler in Uncut Gems. After 15 minutes into the movie, my adrenaline was dreaming of throwing punches in a boxing ring to heavy metal. The drive and themes in this film portrayed by directors Josh Safdie and Benny Safdie, was a unique style of cinema to witness.

Peaks 👍

I knew from various comments and articles that the release of this movie was one to watch out for. Adam Sandler was that ideal crazy 'anger managed' man needed to drive this bonkers narrative. He captured me instantly, and I really thrived off the Jewish family culture portrayed in the film with him, Idina Menzel and Judd Hirsch. The post-production work for this film was unbelievable and a true beauty to see transitional edits such as these. I was blown away by Kevin Garret's performance, it's not easy coming from a famous sporting background to a blockbuster film, and he acted incredibly. The hidden themes and key moments were outstanding by the directors, focusing on the troubles we face in our society with gambling, juggled with our human characteristics to always need more.

Pits 👎

In complicated narratives like these, music plays such a moving key for connecting scenes. Yet, in Uncut Gems, I felt it failed to do that. It created a heightened pace that wasn’t needed and lost my interest in the story becoming chaotic and panicked. The pace generally was too much, whereas I usually relish in being completely immersed in a film, I needed to stop and have a moment to chill out. There were scenes like Adam and Idina's one to one talks where I got to grips with the storylines, but I feel the script needed to explore more of these, before jumping to the edge again. 

Overall, the producers and crew created a wonderful film where the viewers saw no escape but to be part of this crazed high-wire act. Even though it's not an underlying boring watch, I wouldn't rush to watch it again until I had my pulse corrected and maybe some calms nearby.


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